All About the Two Best Heirloom Beds

The bed is an important part of the furniture. Most of the other furniture in the room is just superfluities or mere embellishments to the bed. It is is used to relax after a long tiring day. It is one of the most important factors that contribute to the kind of sleep you have. Therefore it is important that you choose a one which is comfortable as well as enhances the beauty of your room. This is the reason why people invest so much time and energy in choosing them. Some like it to be luxurious, some like it to be sleek and some prefer the purely classy ones. Here we are going to discuss some traditional heirloom beds which have everything from style to luxury and comfort.

Four Poster beds have vertical columns on all their four corners. They also have a panel above them which is supported by these four pillars. They belong to the sixteenth century. These were used by the Kings and the Queens. These were draped with curtains to create a sense of privacy as in the olden days the attendants of kings and Queens slept in the same room. These curtains also kept the insects outside them. They were made of very expensive mahogany wood and had excellent carvings.

In today’s times the posters have been done away with. Even if they have posters they are only one to two feet long. The carvings have also been done away with to give them a contemporary look. Some people still get them custom made, in the old traditional style. They look very pretty when draped with white or pink curtains and are apt for teenage girls. It gives the room a heavenly look.

Sleigh beds – These are in the form of the horse drawn sleighs that were used by the Kings and the Queens in olden days. They also resemble the S of English alphabet. These are very large and they look good only in big rooms. This is the reason why these are not used in today’s times. Though some people who have large homes still use them for an ethnic look. These are generally made up of wood or iron. They are available in two sizes. These are the King size and the Queen size. The size of their frames cannot be changed. A King sized cannot be changed to a Queen sized bed and vice versa. These have been modified to give them a sleeker look which looks more contemporary.

You can buy them online also. There are a number of sites which sell them. All you have to do is visit these sites and browse through their product category and select the one that suits your type. You can make the payment through credit cards. For custom made ones you will have to get in touch with their designers, whose contact numbers are easily available on their websites. Buy these beds and sleep away in luxury.