Four Poster Beds – Luxury and Elegance in Your Bedroom

Nothing can make a bedroom a place of splendour better than the bed itself. The bed is the first thing that catches the eye when one enters into the bedroom, and is also the perfect way to make a bedroom speak about your personal style. If you like your bedroom to be elegantly decorated and be your royal den, then a four poster bed is definitely the choice for you.

History of Four Poster Beds

For centuries, the four poster bed has been associated with the rich and noble strata of society, which is why the bed earns its name of ‘King of Beds’. Since these were beds used by kings, noblemen and other royalty, the designs reflected their richness. These beds were richly carved, made from splendid woods, and also adorned with jewels and gemstones. These beds were originally built for practical purposes as a safeguard against mosquitoes, vermin and insects. In order to carry drapes and net curtains for the same purpose, four posters were placed at each of the bed’s corners. The posters further supported an overhead panel or tester from which the curtains could be hung. Though, the original bed had a specific function attached to it, the modern poster bed is used more as a decorative feature which lends the bedroom a traditional and elegant look.

Great Items of Furniture at Home and Hotels

This style of bed has a romantic feel about it; no wonder, it is a common piece of furniture at hotels where it creates a romantic environment. A poster bed is found in tastefully decorated honeymoon suites and other luxurious hotel rooms; without much effort, this can transform a room of any kind into a majestic paradise. A poster bed is also a great option for homes when you are building the home of your dreams or otherwise planning a renovation. A bedroom is where one spends a considerable amount of time; the importance of a comfortable bed is felt especially after a long day at work. One’s bedroom is where one can unwind and relax, and for this reason, the choice of bed becomes an important factor. Poster beds are not only luxurious in the way they look, they are extremely comfortable too.

Handmade Four Poster Beds

A great way to personalize your bed is to have it hand made. You have the freedom of choosing the type of wood you want, as well as the design according to your taste. A hand made bed is a practical choice as it allows you to determine the space in your bedroom and order the bed accordingly. The last thing you want is to buy an elegant piece of furniture only to find it is a misfit in your room. Poster beds have stood the test of time and design and have come a long way from the ornate bejeweled beds that they once were to the modern and practical versions of today. Nevertheless, they are everybody’s dream furniture.