What are The Four Stages of A CRM Funnel?

A CRM funnel has four stages, which mirror the stages in a sales funnel.

The first stage of the CRM funnel is awareness. This is when a lead develops awareness of your business and its products or services. Awareness may occur in various ways, such as from your email marketing, online and offline marketing campaigns, and social media. For example, a prospect might become aware of your company’s offerings when searching online for a solution to their problem.

The second stage of the CRM funnel is interest. The prospect shows interest in your products or services when they contact you through your website or follow you on social media. They might also provide their email address in exchange for a webinar or e-book.

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The third stage of the CRM funnel is decision. The prospect plans to purchase your product or use your services. They evaluate their options by comparing your pricing and features against your competitors’ offerings. Your sales team might reach out to the prospect to determine if they are ready to buy.

The final stage of the CRM funnel is action. Either the prospect decides to become a customer and moves forward to complete the purchase of your product or service, or they reject your offering and do not become a customer.

Key takeaway: As a lead moves from awareness to action, CRM software gathers data that supports your sales and marketing teams’ efforts to convert leads to customers.

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