Small or Midsize Business

When you’re starting a new career, choosing the industry where you want to work is only half the battle. The next step is figuring out what type of company within that industry best aligns with your professional goals. Do you want to ride the exciting roller coaster of startup life and effect tangible change at the company? Or perhaps you’d prefer to trade influence for stability at a larger firm?

Working for a small or midsize business affords you the opportunity to affect the company, but comes with far less risk than a startup. Smaller businesses tend to treat their employees like family, and though you may not be a key decision maker, the people in charge will hear your voice. According to a recent survey by accounting software company Xero, 63 percent of small business owners describe their leadership style as democratic. When small businesses are hiring, they look for individuals who are honest (29 percent) and dependable (33 percent).

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Promotions and raises won’t happen as often as they would at a bigger company, but your role and hours will typically remain consistent. “Small businesses have a relaxed, family atmosphere, and [as an employee] you’ll have more nights and weekends free,” said Ashu Desai, co-founder of Make School, an alternative to university-based computer and technology education.

Ask yourself:

Would I like to feel like a valued member of a close-knit company, regardless of my role?
Do I want the chance to develop personal relationships with a business’s clients and customers?
Am I OK with not having as many advancement opportunities due to limited resources and staff size?

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