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Wood Paneling for Interior Decoration

If you are considering renovating the overall interiors of your rooms, there are various options available such as applying textured wallpapers, re-painting it or installing wood paneling. Whatever you choose, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article we are not considering which option will be suitable, but we are considering renovating the house by installing wood panels.

Wood paneling started during the 70’s and 80’s and is considered as the quickest and easiest way to change the overall interiors and appearance of a room. It is regarded as an integral part of interior design which when applied can easily change and beautify the walls and floors of a room. If you compare it with the traditionally used paint or textured wallpaper as well as the drywall, it is the best alternative to choose. By installing these panels you can easily hide any kind of depleted walls and if you want to conceal electrical wiring or like to decorate the interiors of a room, then there is no better option that applying wood paneling.

Types of Wood Paneling
Wood Panels are available in wide variety of colors, designs, textures and finishes. It sometimes becomes difficult to select the best option. However, here are some of the most popular wood panels.

Decorative Wall Paneling – As the name suggests, they are generally used as a decorative item for covering an existing wall or for the purpose of changing the overall interior design of a room. By installing these items you provide a decorative modern pattern to the room. They are available in wide ranging textures, patterns, finishes and wood grains. These items are flexible in use and can also be installed in basements as well as below ground levels. With their availability in wide variety of textures and finishes, you can easily select an option that is according to the look, finish and color you were looking for.

Brick Paneling – If you want to provide a retro look to the interiors of your home, then you don’t need to look further than installing these units. By applying these panels you can simply reduce your labor costs and speed up your renovation schedule. These units are quick to install and possess all the durability and provide an aesthetic look to your rooms. You will surely provide a new and improved look which is difficult to achieve with any other brick by brick siding.

Bamboo Paneling – If you are looking forward to providing a quick, simple and affordable solution for hiding depleted walls, ceilings or wainscoting, then you must consider installing threes units. By applying these units, you can definitely improve the overall look of your room and it will provide a rustic sense of nature to it. To make your selection quick and easy, these panels are available in wide variety of themes, colors and patterns, which will enable you to select the best option according to your need and requirement. They are a versatile product and can also be used in flooring. It can easily be attached to various types of surfaces with the help of standard adhesives or can even be nailed to the surface.

Decorating Ideas For Girls Bedrooms – 5 Age Groups – 5 Ideas

Girls Girls Girls. What would we do without them? Below we are going to look at 5 different age ranges and come up with some ideas for each age range that can be good for a few years. Little bitty girls just have to deal with what we give them, but let them start to grow and have their own agenda and it includes the decorating of their bedrooms. Decorating ideas for girls bedrooms range from the simplest to the most complex. It all depends on the age of your daughter. when they are born on up to 3 or 4 they are not hard to please but that all starts to change as they age a little. I think it is called getting a mind of your own. Below we are going to discuss 5 age ranges and 5 ideas that could possibly get you through until they go off to college.

1. Newborn to three this is probably the easiest and most enjoyable one you will ever do.
My suggestion would to use a poke-a-dot theme. Example..paint the wall a soft green and then paint dots on it in colors like pink,yellow or blue.

2. Four to Six Flower theme. This is and easy one because if you plan ahead and place the poke-a-dots in the right places for your newborn you can now use the poke-a-dots for the center for large flowers. Large flowers or small ones make a very pretty wall for 4-6 year age group.

3. Seven To Ten Paint the room a color of your little girls choice and use a rainbow theme. You can paint the rainbow yourself because the lines do not have to be perfect. This too makes a very delightful room for your little girl.

4. Eleven To Thirteen At 11 to 13 your little girl is not little anymore and has a mind of her own. Let her pick out what color she wants her walls and then let her choose wall words to create the theme she is going for. there is no doubt that by now she has a hero or is a fan of some TV personality.

5. Fourteen To Eighteen Use a Rock star theme for your teen. This will be sure to be a hit. Let them pick the rock star. They even make Kids murals for several rock stars that you could use or paint the bedroom and then add posters,wall words and pictures. Your teen will love you and hate to leave for college.

Well that 18 years has passed by way to quick. These are decorating ideas for girls bedrooms and every stage in your daughters life will be an adventure for you and her. Hold your children close and never let one moment of their lives pass you by. I love to decorate but I love the little children more. Children are a joy and no matter what kind of bedrooms they have they will love you always. Decorate your home and your daughters bedrooms to bring you all the joy you can from the home you share. Decorate it your way because “Your Story Begins at home.”

Kids’ Wall Decor for Added Cuteness and Chic

Sprucing up a child’s room doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are many ways to make a room lovelier and one of them is through the use of kids wall decor. Wall decor for a kid’s room can be anything from a cool poster, a cute wall decal, to a chic wallpaper.

For younger kids, there is nothing cuter than a poster print. There are prints featuring cute lady bugs, farm animals, cars, and trains. The possibilities are endless. Some are printed on canvas using acrylic painting. These canvas prints usually have a less costly version printed on paper. They still have the whimsy of the cute designs but with a decidedly lower price. It just goes to show that you can achieve the same look without spending so much. It is easy to change prints as your child grows older. A nautical theme is always a refreshing look in any room. Anchors, boats, and ropes always lend a refreshing pop of color to any room. Again, most prints for children’s rooms always come in the more expensive canvas and the less expensive version printed on poster paper. There might be slight differences in color but it’s nice to have options for different kinds of budgets.

If you want a more permanent design element in your child’s room, a wallpaper will give you many choices in both design and color. Wallpaper companies has so many lovely designs for a children’s rooms. If you want the preppy look, you can choose a striking tartan pattern. Wallpapers usually have different color options for the same pattern. What’s nice with the tone 0n tone tartan design is that it can grow with your child and you don’t have to change this classic design as he grows older. If you want a decidedly feminine look, there are also has floral designs. Floral wallpaper come in dainty patterns or bold striking colors. In any kind of wallpaper pattern you choose for your child’s room, try to look for those made from environmentally friendly materials that don’t contain toxic substances.

Consider the walls of your child’s room when you are thinking of redecorating or just adding a new design element. Wall decor can add instant brightness to any nursery or child’s room. You can use an inexpensive poster or a more permanent wallpaper. Whatever your choice, it will make your child’s room a brighter, fresher space.

Wall Decor and Decorating Your Walls in Style

If you want to create that “homey” look in your house or just spruce up a bland and boring wall to bring some personality to the room, a great way to do this is with wall decor. Yet so many people just don’t know how to decorate their walls in style and even if they do find great wall decor, they may not know how to hang it or display it properly for the desired effect. Here are some tips and ideas to help you in decorating your walls:

1. First create a plan for your walls. Draw it out on paper (it doesn’t matter if you’re not a good artist.)

2. Use your drawing as a “blueprint” to design how you will decorate a particular wall.

3. Use the proper tools when hanging wall art so that it hangs properly and stays where you want it.

4. Use a level to be sure you hang pictures and other framed items evenly.

5. Keep photos and artwork at average eye level and not too high.

6. Try wall decals to spice up a boring wall. This is especially nice in children’s rooms.

7. Experiment with latex paints for wall decor. Use stencils to create patterns.

8. Choose wall decor items that enhance the theme of the decor in your room.

These hints and ideas will help you with your wall decor and your next wall decorating project. Remember that your walls are another important part of your home and the wall decor you choose can make or break the room’s theme. Don’t neglect your wall decor and watch your room come to life!

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